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"Creating perfect lawns in Ireland Since 2005"


About The Lawnman LTD

The Lawnman Ltd has been helping homeowners  create moss and weed free lawns you can enjoy all year around since 2005. Whether your lawn is a 50 square foot domestic garden, a pristine golf course or sports pitches the Lawnman team has the experience and passion to get your lawn exactly how you imagined.

The Lawnman Ltd is Ireland’s leading lawn care specialists boasting over 1000+ homeowners receiving regular treatments. Between the team we have over 100 years of lawn care experience. Every team member has been selected carefully through an employment programme to make sure that each customer is dealing with a true Lawn Care professional.

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Lawn Care Solutions

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Regular Lawn Treatment & Disease prevention programme

Lawn Visits Every 8 Weeks

Our yearly lawn treatment runs all year around and visits take place every 8 weeks to ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs at the right time of the season. 


All treatments are specifically designed to target diseases, moss and weeds at the right time of the season while feeding the lawn the nutrients it needs to strive in Irelands Climate.

Scarification & Aeration

Removing Harmful Moss & Thatch The Correct Way Letting The Lawn Breath And Encourage New Growth

Scarification and aeration are as important if not more important as the lawn treatments themselves. Removing harmful deposits and allowing the lawn to breath is the best way for your lawn to encourage new growth and also give a healthy glow all year around.

Lawn Replacement &  Repair

From Complete New Instant Lawn To Repair We Have Got You Covered

Whether its a complete new lawn or repairs in certain sections of your lawn that aren't performing, talk to a member of our team to find out the best way forward for you and your lawn.

Home Garden Automowers

Looking for the perfect lawn without the hassle, look no further ...


Here at the Lawnman Ltd we supply automowers to suit every lawn of every shape and size. From a small garden to a 20,000 sqm field we have got you covered. 


Robotic Mowers - 

  • Saves Time

  • Easy to control 

  • Less Waste (No grass collection)

  • Adapt to any terrain

  • 50% real savings

  • Safe for children & pets

Originally we had the team at Lawnman come for a once off treatment in 2007, 15 years later we are still here and have multiple family members on board also. The attention to detail and the fast response to any issues we may have are always dealt with in a timely manner and for that we couldn't recommened The Lawnman Enough.

Sandy Williams (Foxrock Co. Dublin)

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